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MDL Diamonds Website Press Releases

13 Release(s) Total.

5/19/2015 MDL Launches ArcticMark

6/19/2014 New Canadian diamond brand on the scene

6/19/2014 MDL Arcticmark

6/18/2014 MDL Announces the Debut of Arcticmark

2/11/2011 Snow Flake Ball

2/24/2010 The flow of blood diamonds and failure of Kimberly

2/24/2010 Finding Diamonds that Donít Fund War

1/1/2009 Conflict War Free Diamonds

1/1/2009 Buy Conflict Free Diamonds

10/10/2008 Government Certified Diamonds

1/14/2007 Ethics On Ice

9/23/2005 Canadian Jewelers to Receive Tax Cut

2/28/2005 Canada to Scrap Jewelry Tax By 2009